Who Guards the Guards?
Series 03, Episode 03
Spooks - Who Guards the Guards?
Show Spooks
Air Date 25 October 2004
Previous The Sleeper
Next A Prayer for My Daughter

Who Guards the Guards? is the third episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 25 October 2004.

Summary Edit

Danny is assigned to protect Zuli, a controversial writer. A Pakistani double agent working for MI6, Harakat, is wounded while a team of assassins attack the group. Adam wishes to meet a source about the attack, but on the way, he is followed by MI6 "watchers"; Adam eventually evades them. He soon discovers that Oliver Mace made a deal with a terrorist group to allow the assassination.

Danny forges a friendship with Harakat, who is soon assassinated by a hidden MI6 assassin. In the end, Harry decides to keep Adam in MI5.

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