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Thou Shalt Not Kill
Series 01, Episode 01
Show Spooks
Air Date 13 May 2002
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Thou Shalt Not Kill was the first episode of Spooks's first series which aired for the first time on the 13 May 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Section D of MI5 investigate a car bomb that killed a family planning doctor in Liverpool. They determine that a pro-life movement, led by American terrorist Mary Kane, is responsible and they have smuggled 20 bombs to target more family-planning doctors.

After they learn of their next target, officer Zoe Reynolds poses as the target, and the team are able to capture Kane, and return her to Florida where she was meant to be executed. Meanwhile, senior Section D officer Tom Quinn enters a relationship with a civilian, Ellie Simm after an unrelated operation.

Plot Edit

When a car bomb detonates in Liverpool, killing family planning doctor Karen Lynott and severely injuring her young daughter Sarah, Section D of MI5 is on the case. Danny Hunter learns from one of his assets, "Osprey" (Kerry Rolfe), that the group responsible have smuggled 20 bombs into the country. After following her, the team learn that the terrorist responsible for smuggling the bombs and killing Lynott is Mary Kane, an American pro-life extremist; she smuggled herself into the country under an assumed name and has been setting up cells across the UK. Section D also learn that Kane may be setting up the attacks in memory of her husband, who is on death row in Florida following a series of attacks in abortion clinics. Upon tracking the movements of one cell, the Central Intelligence Agency pressure MI5 to extradite Kane back to the United States; such an action will seriously hinder their efforts to find the cells and a put a stop to them. By the time Harry Pearce signs the extradition forms, Kane evades MI5.

In the meantime, Zoe Reynolds goes undercover to pose as a sympathiser to the cell. She lures a member, Rachel (Rachel Power) to the same hospital Sarah Lynott is being treated; Sarah would later die from the extent of her injuries. Senior case officer and team leader Tom Quinn attempts to persuade her to stop Kane, believing she has little regard for any life. Rachel leaves in haste, but unbeknownst to her, MI5 bug her mobile phone, and record a phone conversation she makes to the cell regarding their next target; Diane Sullivan, a doctor living in London. Tom's team are able to take Sullivan to safety whilst Zoe poses as the target. The team see Kane deliver a bomb to Zoe's car, and prepares to detonate it via mobile phone. To counter the attack, a Bomb Squad jams the signal long enough for Tom to arrest her. During the interrogation, Tom promises to send her to a prison in the US where the death penalty does not apply in exchange for the locations of every cell she runs in the UK. After she cooperates, Tom goes back on the deal and delivers Kane to CIA liaison Christine Dale, who returns her to Florida to be executed.

Meanwhile, over the course of the episode, Tom enters a relationship with civilian Ellie Simm following an unrelated operation before the events of the episode, going by the pseudonym of civil servant in IT, "Matthew Archer".


« Global terrorism. Islamic extremists, all phone-tap resources plus Echelon pointed at the Middle East, and now the old enemy looks like it’s rearing its ugly head…. And it’s such a beautiful morning.” Harry PEARCE

“Harry PEARCE - And you like her?

Tom QUINN: - Very much.

Harry PEARCE: - Assuming she passes vetting, when might you be addressing this microscopic issue that your real name is Tom Quinn and that you’re a spy?

Tom QUINN: - When did you tell your wife you were a spook? When you met? When you married?

Harry PEARCE: - Just after we'd signed the register. Well, I like to have things on paper.”

Harry Pearce: - and you realize you’ve been officially told off Mary Kane?

Tom Quinn.: I would not have touched her.

Harry Pearce: Of course Tom, whatever you say.