The Virus (Part 2)
Series 06, Episode 02
Show Spooks
Air Date 16 October 2007
Previous Aftermath
Next The Kidnap

The Virus (Part 2) is the second episode of spook's sixth series which aired for the first time on BBC One on 16 October 2007.

Summary Edit

Quarantine is imposed on St. Edwin's Hospital where Mehan sought help and on members of the public. Adam is now infected and will continue working, but is instructed by Harry to go into quarantine before the end of the incubation period. After determining that either France, India, Russia, or the US has a vaccine for the virus, the team kidnaps a senior spy from each country, including CIA agent Bob Hogan (Matthew Marsh).

They bring them to the bunker of former MI5 officer Connie James (Gemma Jones). Threatening them with the virus, the Russian, Edik Kuznetzov reveals his people have the vaccine. Jo and Adam take Kuznetzov to a rendezvous with Russian agents to seize the vaccine. By then, Adam starts showing symptoms. Jo and Kuznetzov stay behind to stall the agents who have returned, while Adam takes the vaccine to the hospital.

Kuznetzov is shot multiple times while pleading for Jo's life. Despite nearly losing it again, the vaccine is delivered to St. Edwin's and the plague is halted. Jo is shaken by her response to the events of the day and the requirements of the job. Ros learns that French intelligence may know the whereabouts of Zaf, but before following up on possible leads, she is shot with a stun dart in her home.

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