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The School
Series 06, Episode 10
Show Spooks
Air Date 18 December 2007
Previous "Isolated"
Next "New Allegiances"

The School is the tenth and last episode of the Sixth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 18 December 2007.

Summary Edit

The Israelis bomb the Gaza Strip and a girls' school is collateral damage. Bakhshi warns Harry of an attack, as a parting gift. Al Qaeda has a British school under surveillance in advance of an attack. Zaf is found tortured to death in Pakistan. Adam learns from Bob Hogan that Zaf was kidnapped from the Yalta operatives by a group called the Redbacks, mercenaries who capture spies and sell them to their clients.

Harry learns that the visiting Venezuelan President is targeted for assassination by the Americans using a deniable asset. In exchange for stopping the assassin, he will give Section D the name of the British school being targeted. The Redbacks have returned to London and are targeting another spy, Jo. While Adam attempts to retrieve Jo, he is betrayed by Bob Hogan, who is revealed to be working for the Redbacks. Bob Hogan is captured by the Americans, who refuse to let him give more information to Harry, because they are unhappy about their foiled assassination attempt.

While being held, Jo begs Adam to kill her, because she is afraid of being tortured and will reveal intelligence. Harry does a deal with the Americans and the Venezuelans to prevent the bombing and to learn the location of the security officers. When tactical forces arrive at the house where they are being held, it appears that Adam has killed Jo.

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