The Rose Bed Memoirs
Series 01, Episode 05
105Rose Bed
Show Spooks
Air Date 10 June 2002
Previous Traitor's Gate
Next The Lesser of Two Evils

The Rose Bed Memoirs is the fifth episode of the first series of the Tv show Spook's which was first broadcast on the tenth of June 2002.

Synopsis Edit

A disgraced MP is released from prison for embezzlement, but his memoirs, which implicate MP Richard Maynard (guest star Nicholas Farrell) and a Russian agent has been stolen. It is later revealed to be stolen by MI6 officer Jools Siviter. After reluctantly giving them to MI5, they discover that the memoirs are "trash". It is also revealed that Maynard was a CIA agent, and was forced to resign for it.

Plot Edit

It’s a media scramble when ex-MP Hampton Wilder is released from prison, having served a sentence for embezzlement. He is swiftly driven away in a car, accompanied by Danny: Wilder has requested an urgent meeting with MI5.

It is widely "known" that Wilder was involved in illegal arms dealing whilst in government, and he is intensely disliked, particularly by those in MI5. Harry greets him in the underground car park of Thames House, and a bizarre interrogation ensues. Wilder says the reason he wanted a meeting is that, whilst in prison, he wrote his memoirs, in which he fingered a current serving minister of the MOD as his successor in the arms trade.

However, he then found God and tried to destroy the memoirs but they had gone from his hiding place… The minister in question is Richard Maynard, best friend of the PM and shining star of the government. The memoirs would create a scandal big enough to bring down the existing government. They must be found. Tom and Danny are despatched to the prison, but there is no sign of the manuscript.

Wilder also mentions ex-KGB spy, Sergei Lermov, as being involved somehow. Lermov is well known to MI5 and Tom questions him, only to be shocked that Lermov also names Maynard. Perhaps he is guilty, and he, Maynard and Wilder all worked together. Lermov immediately goes to see Jools Siviter, where it transpires that he is a paid MI6 agent. However, Lermov is mysteriously killed later that night. Jools comes round to lay the blame at Harry’s door – but not before giving Harry the manuscript: MI6 has had it all along.

Maynard is called in for a "briefing" at the Grid, in order to establish whether or not he is guilty of anything. Tessa is tasked to take special care of him, which she does, enthusiastically. They are in the midst of a secret affair and she later tells him what is really going on. Maynard vehemently denies any involvement.

At home, Zoe is struggling to come to terms with Tessa’s corruption, and Tom is having problems dealing with Maisie’s father, who has suddenly appeared on the scene. However, there is no time to deal with personal problems when the manuscript is mysteriously leaked to the press. All fingers are pointed at MI5, but Harry has other ideas.

Following the leak, Maynard announces his resignation from government. Tessa is appalled and goes round to see him, whilst Tom pays a visit to Wilder, and Harry and Jools spend some time over a bottle of whiskey.

Maynard informs Tessa he is leaving the country for the United States, where he intends to take a teaching job at Harvard University. Wilder confesses that his memoirs were a complete fabrication and Jools tells Harry that Maynard had to leave the government as he is a CIA asset.

QUOTE: "MI5 doesn't do evil - just treachery, treason, and Armageddon." Harry PEARCE