The Mole
Series 07, Episode 07
Show Spooks
Air Date 24 November 2008
Previous Accidental Discovery
Next Nuclear Strike

The Mole is the seventh episode the BBC's spy television series, Spooks, which was first broadcast on 24 November 2008.

Summary Edit

Moments after realising he has been framed and before being arrested, Harry phones Lucas and instructs him to go to meet with Sugarhorse asset Maria Korachevsky (Kika Markham) in Moscow, who should know who the mole is.

Harry is tortured to divulge the names of his Sugarhorse assets; if he divulges the names, the mole will relay them to the FSB and they will be killed, preventing MI5's chance to learn what Russia intends to do against an American defence base in Poland. Two assets are already dead, and Malcolm believes the mole is within Section D.

Lucas gets the information he needs and discovers Connie is the mole; he calls Ben, but when Connie realises Ben knows, she garrotes him. When Harry divulges the names of his assets, the rest of the team learn of Connie's treachery, and she is arrested. After he is released, Harry reveals he gave out the wrong names. In the end, Ros learns that a Sugarhorse asset is warning Harry "Tiresias wakes 3 pm tomorrow."

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