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The Message
Series 05, Episode 05
Spooks The Message
Show Spooks
Air Date 9 October 2006
Previous World Trade
Next Hostage Takers (Part 1)

The Message is the fifth episode of spook's fifth series which aired for the first time on 9 October 2006.

Summary Edit

Ruth witnesses the Head of Security for Cotterdam Prison commit suicide in an Underground station; the prison went through a fire, which killed seven terrorist suspects. Soon, Ruth is framed for the guard's death. Harry takes the rap for Ruth, but not wanting that to happen, Ruth is able to incriminate herself and works with the team to have Harry released, and fake her own death.

It is eventually revealed that Oliver Mace faked the terrorists' deaths, and sent them to Egypt to be tortured. The team use the evidence for Mace to resign. Harry says goodbye to Ruth, who then leaves the country.