The Lesser of Two Evils
Series 01, Episode 06
106Two Evils
Show Spooks
Air Date 17 June 2002
Previous The Rose Bed Memoirs
Next Legitimate Targets

The Lesser of Two Evils is the sixth episode of Spooks first series which aired first on the 17th of June 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Irish terrorist, Patrick McCann tells Tom that a Sudanese terrorist group is going to attack Sefton B nuclear power station. In exchange for the attack plan, he wants his group unwatched for 30 hours. When Tom complies, McCann's group plants a bomb in Broad Street Station.

Though MI5 is able to prevent any casualties, McCann gives Tom a laptop containing the attack plan; Special Forces manage to stop the attack from happening. Zoe tells Harry about Tessa's treachery, who then fires her. In the end, McCann calls Tom and reveals the laptop is rigged with C4. However, the laptop is in his house and he is locked out with Ellie and Maisie trapped inside. The episode ends in a cliffhanger.