The Extremist
Series 06, Episode 04
Show Spooks
Air Date 30 October 2007
Previous "The Kidnap"
Next "The Deal"

The Extremist is the fourth episode of the sixth series of BBC's Spooks, which was broadcast for the first time on 30 October 2007.

Summary Edit

Algerian extremist Abdul Kahrami, breaks out of house arrest to launch a bomb attack. The target is unknown, but the Iranian Special Consul, Dariush Bakhshi (Simon Abkarian) is involved. Adam asks Bakhshi's wife, Ana (Agni Scott), whom Adam had an affair with, to spy on her husband.

While recording a conversation, Ana inadvertently kills a consulate guard to maintain her secret. Adam instructs her to stage an attempted rape as a cover. The recording of the meeting reveals only a simple business meeting and plan to have dinner at a hotel later. While following an informant who has been recruited as Kahrami's driver, Jo is captured. She is put in the boot of a car rigged with a bomb. Ros uses intelligence provided by Yalta to help the team realise that Bakhshi is the target, not a co-conspirator. Adam alerts Bakhshi about the bomb and escapes, whilst freeing Jo just before the bomb goes off. Kahrami is arrested again, along with his cell. Bakhshi reveals to Ana that he knows that she is working for the British government.

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