The Deal
Series 06, Episode 05
Show Spooks
Air Date 6 November 2007
Previous "The Extremist"
Next "The Courier"

The Deal is the fifth episode of the Sixth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 6 November 2007.

Summary Edit

A Russian is selling the Iranians blueprints for firing triggers so they can gain nuclear capability. Adam kills a journalist who disguises himself as a mugger, and as a consequence, reporter Ben Kaplan (Alex Lanipekun) publishes the story and Adam is on the run.

Ros receives intelligence from Yalta about the Russian, and in exchange she agrees to bug the Grid. Ana gives Adam a tip, which helps the team learn when and where the delivery will take place. The Grid follows the Russian, and are able to switch the blueprints with fake ones. With Kaplan's help, Adam and Harry learn that the sale to the Iranians was secretly orchestrated by the Americans, and that the plans contain a flaw so the Iranian nuclear programme will be set back.

They make a deal to allow the sale to go through and in return Hogan would help clear Adam's name. Adam has a final tryst with Ana at a hotel, where she tries to kill him under instruction from her husband; Ros stops this and learns that Bakhshi knows the blueprints are fake and was able to obtain a real firing trigger. Ros fires her gun, presumably killing Ana.

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