The Broadcast
Series 06, Episode 07
The Broadcast
Show Spooks
Air Date 20 November 2007
Previous "The Courier"
Next "Infiltration"

The Broadcast is the seventh episode of the Sixth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 20 November 2007.

Summary Edit

To prevent Iran from announcing that they are a nuclear power after acquiring the firing trigger, Harry and Bob Hogan approach Bakhshi with a peace accord between their three countries. It is to be announced on a live BBC current affairs programme with Bakhshi, Hogan, and a senior UK cabinet member participating. Ben is asked to write a favourable story in exchange for being included in the audience. In turn, Ben asks Adam for help identifying a woman in a photo, who unbeknownst to them is Magritte.

When Iran asks for too much, Harry persuades Bakhshi to accept more reasonable terms by offering to give Ana a new identity and a new life in Vancouver. In a meeting where Ros tries to convince Yalta to back down, Magritte plants a bug and follows her to the safe house where Ana is being held. However, the TV show is hijacked by armed terrorists, who wants the participants to confirm on-air that Iran is now a nuclear state, and threaten to shoot the hostages if broadcasting is cut or interrupted.

Harry and Connie learn that the man who let the gunmen in was an MI5 agent, who was part of the Yalta network. The agent also reveals that Yalta had been ineffectual for years, but only recently came to life thanks to a new well-placed mole inside the security services. With Ben Kaplan's help, Adam and Ros stop the gunmen. Bakhshi was shot, but will survive. Adam discovers that Ana is still alive; he and Ros rush to save Ana from Yalta kidnappers. In the end, Adam and Ros confront each other about their respective deception and embrace.

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