Spooks Confidential: The Official Handbook‏‎
Author Unknown
Published 2003
Pages 256 pages
Other Books Spooks: Harry's Diary
Personnel Files
Adam Carter Revealed
Spooks: Behind the Scenes
The Official Handbook

Spooks Confidential: The Official Handbook‏‎ is a book which is part of the Spooks spin-off book series based on the television series. It was published in 2003 ans had had roughly 256 pages.

Summary Edit

To some, they're known as spies. to us, they're Spooks. Take a look inside MI5, the intelligence agency in charge of defending the UK's domestic security. Every day, these people investigate and assess threats posed to Britain by terrrorists, enemies of the state and international organised crime, using intelligence and the latest in technology to counter Britain's enemies at every step.

This access-all-areas book features interviews with the cast and production crew and top secret insider information on the making of the series, as well as character biogs and episode-by-episode breakdowns for both series. Background analysis of the show's plot points, including a history of MI5 and examinations of the real-life issures behind the storylines, plus a guide to BBCi's internet-based interactive episode.

This complete guide to the hit BBC1 TV Drama is published to coincide with the second series to be transmitted by the BBC in the summer.

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