Spooks: Behind the Scenes
Author  ?
Published Unknown
Pages 192 pages
Other Books Spooks: Harry's Diary
Personnel Files
Adam Carter Revealed
Spooks: Behind the Scenes
The Official Handbook

Spooks: Behind the Scenes is a book which is part of the spin-off from the Spooks series. The hardbook version of the book was a total of 192 pages.

Summary Edit

Spooks is a stylish, gripping spy thriller series, shown on BBC1 where it regularly draws audiences of over seven million viewers, making it one of the most popular drama series in British TV.

Its enormous appeal is brought about because the subject matter is so close to events on the news, the superb performances of the cast, and because the outcome is always in doubt (rarely have the leads in a show had such a high mortality rate). Now in this fascinating book, we get right behind the scenes to understand how the shows are made, how the plots are devised, and the enormous amount of work that goes into making it seem as authentic as possible.

There is also a full episode guide to the first four series. Featuring interviews with the cast and writers, and packed with exclusive stills of the making of the programmes, this book provides all the information about how the series is made and the truth that lies beyond the fiction.

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