Split Loyalties
Series 07, Episode 02
Show Spooks
Air Date 27 October 2008
Previous New Allegiances
Next The Tip-Off

Split Loyalties is the second episode of the seventh series of BBC Spooks which was first broadcast on 27 October 2008.

Summary Edit

Harry asks his superior, Richard Dolby (Robert East), to pursue Kachimov, but is denied. However, Harry proceeds to pursue Kachimov anyway. Malcolm Wynn-Jones (Hugh Simon) believes there is a Russian submarine in British waters, and deduces its intention to carry out a cyber attack via a submarine communications cable.

Lucas meanwhile is revealed to be a double agent for the Russians and is being handled by Elizabeta Starkova (Paloma Baeza), his ex-wife who works in the FSB. After learning of his involvement, Ros brings Lucas in; Lucas claims he is actually stopping Kachimov by earning Kachimov's trust. Lucas forges evidence to make Kachimov appear to his bosses to be working for MI-5, which helps Lucas to convince Kachimov to identify the cable.

With knowledge of the cable, Malcolm foils the cyber attack, disabling the submarines computer systems. The submarine would have sunk except for a rescue by the Royal Navy, which sends a message to Moscow. Kachimov is later arrested. In revenge for Adam Carter's death, Harry murders Kachimov with a shot to the chest. Harry appoints Ros to succeed Adam as Chief of Section D. Lucas turns Elizabeta into an asset for MI5.


"I have not been authorized to target Russian operatives here in London." Harry Pierce;

"So what do we do?" Jo Portman.

"We target Russia operatives."

quote 2:Edit

"Well, if he's our big fish, let's hook him, land him, gut him. Play dirty." Ros MEYER

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