Series 9, Episode 7
Series 09, Episode 07
Show Spooks
Air Date 1 November 2010
Previous Series 9, Episode 6
Next Series 9, Episode 8

Series 9, Episode 7 is the seventh episode of the tenth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 1 November 2010.

Summary Edit

Ruth looks into a suspected dead drop witnessed by Council member Keith Deery (Trevor Cooper). Her colleagues are sceptical that Deery has real evidence because he has a history of mental disorder and had applied for a position at MI-5 several times earlier but was rejected each time. Having tracked Lucas's keyboard, Ruth tells Harry that she suspects Lucas of treachery. Harry upbraids her for her being "overzealous". Dimitri is headed to the Thames to join the police as they pick up a Mafia boss who is giving himself up to the British authorities; there is a contract out on him, and giving himself is preferable to being a target.

Ruth is approached by Deery in a park, but sends him away. She, however, senses that Deery may have stumbled onto a real crime. She goes to Deery's Council flat to investigate. Meanwhile, two Chinese operatives who are already in Vaughn's apartment when he enters; they tell him that if he doesn't deliver the Albany file, the bigger and more thuggish of the two will rape Maya then cut off her head. Vaughn kidnaps Maya in order to force Lucas to get the file. Harry, having revisited the 1995 bombing of the British Embassy in Dakar, realises that Lucas was involved. He orders Beth to follow Lucas.

Vaughn chains Maya to a pipe in the basement of an apartment building. Lucas tracks Vaughn to the housing complex where mothers and children are outside; given the context, Vaughn tells Lucas not to show his gun but insists on obtaining the file. Instead of using a gun, Lucas stabs Vaughn in the thigh, and moves the knife about to force Vaughn to reveal Maya's whereabouts. Before the location of can be revealed, Beth pulls a gun on Lucas to prevent him from hurting Vaughn any further. Vaughn escapes with a knife in his thigh.

Ruth enters Deery's flat. A French assassin targeting the Mafia boss springs on Ruth, and ties her to a chair. Deery has already been tied up. Ruth uses a hot iron to break free from her bond. She frees Deery; together they kill the assassin. When Lucas is apprehended, he reveals to Harry that he is actually John Bateman, who unknowingly sent the bomb to the Embassy, killing 17 people. Lucas tells Harry that Vaughn gave Lucas the briefcase containing the bomb, and that Lucas unknowingly planted the briefcase in the embassy in Dakar.

Lucas also recounts that Vaughn later killed the real Lucas North (James Daffern), who was soon to enter training for MI-5. John Bateman took the identity of the dead Lucas North. He convinces Harry to release him and rescue Maya. Having been stabbed by Lucas earlier, and before he dies, Vaughn recounts to Lucas that it was John Bateman who bombed the Embassy and murdered the real Lucas. Lucas frees Maya. After their ordeal, Ruth and Deery are in the hospital.

Deery is doing poorly; Ruth tries to comfort him. He no longer talks and is on suicide watch. With Harry visiting, Ruth tells him she is fine and is, strangely enough, ready to return to work. When they are both back at Thames House, Malcolm visits Harry to tell him about Lucas's visit. While Malcolm is in Harry's office, Lucas calls. Harry tells Lucas that the latter is needed. But in the end, believing Harry may not cut a deal, Lucas intends to flee.

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