Series 9, Episode 6
Series 09, Episode 06
Show Spooks
Air Date 25 October 2010
Previous Series 9, Episode 5
Next Series 9, Episode 7

Series 9, Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the tenth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 25 October 2010.

Summary Edit

After an American drone is hacked by enemies in Afghanistan, the head of CIA London, Alton Beecher (Colin Salmon), pressures the Grid into installing the new advanced "cybershell" system. Lucas, who is pressed by Vaughn into finding the Albany file, is tasked with transporting CIA cyber-expert Daniella Ortiz (Fiona Glascott), who has in her possession the codes for the cybershell. However, Tariq discovers the Grid is bugged by a coalition of Russian and Chinese agents, who plan on sabotaging the cybershell.

During a two-minute, faked power shortage that prevents the eavesdroppers from listening, Harry calls meeting to let the team know what they are up against. Lucas receives a call from Harry about a rendezvous point, but it is hackers who fabricated Harry's voice. After he picks up Daniella, Lucas observes that he is being followed; he drives to a garage where he and Daniella change cars to avoid the tail. Lucas makes an out-of-protocol detour to Malcolm's home to get his hands on the Albany file. Lucas fabricates a story, telling Malcolm that Harry is in trouble, and needs the file. Daniella has left the car, walked to one of the windows to Malcolm's house, and overheard some part of the conversation between Malcolm and Lucas.

She returns in the direction of the car but flees into the woods. Malcolm goes into his garden, digs into the soil, and returns with a box containing the Albany file. Lucas returns to the car but sees that Daniella has gone. He pursues her in the woods, and finds her; he senses she knows something, but how much is not clear. After the hackers lock down the Grid, Harry and the others have no way to contact Lucas; the hackers, using Harry's voice, order Lucas to assassinate Daniella, though he later realises it is faked. With Daniella locked in the trunk to prevent her from fleeing, the two are ambushed at the rendezvous point he received from "Harry";

Lucas, however, kills the attackers. Daniella is shot in the neck during the attack. When Daniella lying on the ground and tended to by Lucas she mentions that she won't disclose anything about Albany or the unauthorised visit to Malcolm. Lucas fakes a phone call to the emergency medical service, letting her bleed out and die in order to keep Albany a secret. Dimitri develops a bomb presumably to destroy the connection between the MI-5 computers and the outside, and the team identifies the location of the hackers [what the bomb will do, how the bomb escapes the detection of the hackers, and how MI-5 turns the Internet tables on the hackers are not made clear in the episode].

The hackers are located. A fabricated Harry talks to them over the Internet in a stall routine while MI-5 paramilitary storm the hackers' building and apprehend them. In the end, Vaughn tells Lucas the Albany file Lucas gave him (via Malcolm) is fake. Lucas returns to Malcolm's home, only to find the house cleaned out.

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