Series 9, Episode 5
Series 09, Episode 05
Show Spooks
Air Date 18 October 2010
Previous Series 9, Episode 4
Next Series 9, Episode 6

Series 9, Episode 5 is the fifth episode of the tenth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 18 October 2010.

Summary Edit

While Beth and Dimitri go undercover during the US President's visit to chair top secret peace talks between Israel and Palestine, a plot to assassinate him is uncovered. Believing it is the work of Lebanese militant Muatt Hutri (Mounir Margoum), Lucas tracks him. Hutri, however, slips out of Lucas's grasp, and traps and secures Lucas to a sewer grating but does not kill him.

Lucas disentangles himself but Hutri is gone. Lucas visits Maya (Laila Rouass), telling her that now they can be together. Hutri gives himself up to MI-5; after questioning he convinces Section D that he is in London to stop the assassination. Hutri informs MI-5 that the actual assassin, is Baltasar Jad (Akin Gazi), a Syrian. Jad captures Beth, who is posing as a concierge at the Prince Edward Hotel, the site of the talks, by knocking her out as she looks into his truck, and secures her, by handcuffing her to a pipe in his workshop and gagging her. In front of Beth, Jad sharpens a knife, cuts himself in the upper thigh, and then leaves while bleeding onto his trouser leg.

He enters the emergency entrance of a hospital a mile and half from the hotel—for security reasons the hospital is only taking emergency patients. Once in the hospital, he secures a hidden gun in the basement, and makes his way to the roof. Beth escapes, using a foot to pull to her a jack, which she uses to force the pipe apart, allowing her to get the handcuff chain between the two parts. She then reports Jad's wound. From the roof, Jad is attempting to perform an impossible shot from a building a mile and a half away to take out the president. Jad shoots through the windows of a building between him and the hotel.

A wild shoot wounds Raed Elwan (Joseph Long) of the Palestinian delegation. MI-5 figure out the most likely place to find Jad and inform Lucas, who gets to the roof of the hospital, and kills Jad. It is later discovered the sniper is a diversion. The actual assassin is Israeli Anna Cohen (Maya Lubinsky), who plans to blow herself up with the president as revenge for her father's deserting her when she was once captured by Palestinians.

Her father and Dimitri are able to talk her out of the plan. She apparently recruited Jad by making it seem to him that he was acting on behalf of an Arab terror cell. In the end, Lucas visits Maya's home but her boyfriend is there. First signalling Lucas to go away, she changes her mind and tells her boyfriend that Lucas is someone from work. The boyfriend turns out to be Vaughn, looking much better than the dishevelled way he looked in the places where he met Lucas earlier. Lucas realises Vaughn has no intention of leaving him alone.

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