Series 9, Episode 2
Series 09, Episode 02
Show Spooks
Air Date 27 September 2010
Previous Series 9, Episode 1
Next Series 9, Episode 3

Series 9, Episode 2 is the second episode of the tenth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 27 September 2010.

Summary Edit

In her first operation, Beth is tasked with protecting an influential oil baron, Robert Westhouse (James Faulkner), after receiving intelligence that he may be assassinated by Nigerian agents. In a London hotel, potential oil industry contacts, including an undercover Beth, are the subject of a machine gun attack in the lift to Westhouse's penthouse suite. Beth and another contact, Jacob Chapman (Nigel Lindsay), drop to the floor of the elevator a second before the attackers open fire.

Beth and Chapman, survive unharmed. Lucas, investigating the incident, becomes suspicious, particularly about Beth's role. Dimitri Levendis (Max Brown) and Lucas penetrate Westhouse's highly guarded mansion, and place a bug in the house. It becomes clear to MI-5 that the Nigerians want Westhouse dead because he plans to launch a chemical weapon attack against Lagos and precipitate a coup in order to monopolise the country's oil reserves. The narrative switches to a dual perspective of events from the points of view of Lucas, and then Beth. Beth appears to work with Chapman, who turns out to be the assassin hired to kill Westhouse, but Lucas and section D also discover that; Beth, however, successfully explains her subterfuge as "the way we used to work", and avoids any damage.

Meanwhile, Harry Pearce takes Westhouse on, face-to-face, and leaves him with a no-win situation. Nigerian agents mistake Harry, who has just walks away from Westhouse with Westhouse's bag filled with chemical weapons originally destined for Lagos, for Westhouse, and attempt to assassinate him. Beth pushes Harry out of the line of fire, saving him.

Lucas gives Beth another chance after he is promoted to Section D chief. Meanwhile, he looks into the briefcase he has been given by Vaughn and finds Maya Lahan (Laila Rouass), his first love. However, she does not want to be involved with him after he left her 15 years earlier

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