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Series 9
Series 9
Network BBC
Run 20 Sep 2010 – 8 Nov 2010
Episodes # 8
Series: 12345

Series 9 refers to the ninth series of Spooks which ran for eight episodes from 20 September 2010 – 8 November 2010.

Series 9 Starts off with the funeral of the late Ros Myers and the murder of the Former Home Secretary and Traitor Nicholas Blake for his role within the Nightingale group and the bombing of the hotel which resulted the untimely demise of Ros Myers.

The Main story arc for series nine is the mysterious past of Lucas North in Sierra Leone with the shady character Vaughn Edwards and the Albany file.

Episodes Edit

  1. Series 9, Episode 1
  2. Series 9, Episode 2
  3. Series 9, Episode 3
  4. Series 9, Episode 4
  5. Series 9, Episode 5
  6. Series 9, Episode 6
  7. Series 9, Episode 7
  8. Series 9, Episode 8

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