Series 8, Episode 7
Series 08, Episode 07
Show Spooks
Air Date 11 December 2009
Previous Series 8, Episode 6
Next Series 8, Episode 8

Series 8, Episode 7 is the seventh episode of the eighth series of the BBC's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 11 December 2009.

Summary Edit

After a Pakistani intelligence officer is murdered, Harry and Ros learn from the chief (Imran Mirza) of Pakistani intelligence (ISI) in the UK about a radical Hindu group preparing to attack Muslims in London. Harry tells the chief that the matter is now MI-5's job, and has the chief identify the ISI asset that infiltrated the Hindu terror cell. It is Ashok Veerkal (Ashley Kumar), a 17-year-old ethnically Indian Muslim with a Hindu name; he befriended members of the group at football (soccer) training. Lucas appoints the lad for help.

Harry and Ros pay a visit to the newly appointed Home Secretary Andrew Lawrance(Tobias Menzies); Harry reports the existence of the terror cell but withholds much information in view of the fact the Home Secretary is new and could be somehow linked to Nightingale—there are few people Harry trusts. The cell's leader, Harish Dhillon (Paul Sharma), has a sister who is comatose as the result of a Muslim-initiated attack.

He is planning a revenge assault on a Mosque. In a search of the vanished Sarah Caulfield's apartment, Lucas finds a flash drive that Tariq partially deciphers, learning that the cell's handler, Victor Chatterjee (Sagar Arya), is running Dhillon as well as a Muslim cell planning to attack Hindus. The intention is to pit both groups against each other, and create chaos. Given the provenance of the information, Chatterjee is likely to be a Nightingale operative. Just as the plan is about to go into effect, Chatterjee calls Dhillon to order him to change the target from the mosque to a girls school, interfering with Lucas's pursuit.

With MI-5 having traced Chatterjee's calls, Ros locates him in an empty garage, and under threat of sending him to jail in Pakistan (with the prospect of torture) extracts information on the attack locations. CO-19 officers (Metropolitan Police Service Specialist Firearm Command) stops the Muslim cell. The Home Secretary, wanting to avoid a bloodbath involving Muslim girls on British soil, orders MI-5 not to interfere with the hostage situation that has developed in the girls school, preferring to negotiate a solution.

Lucas disregards the Home Secretary's order. Dhillon pours gasoline on the floor of the room in which the hostages are being held, but Lucas penetrates the school, killing a cell member standing guard of a hallway. He enters the room, and stops Dhillon. In the end, Section D learns that Nightingale is planning to provoke India and Pakistan into war.

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