Series 8, Episode 6
Series 08, Episode 06
Show Spooks
Air Date 4 December 2009
Previous Series 8, Episode 5
Next Series 8, Episode 7

Series 8, Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the eighth series of the BBC's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 4 December 2009.

Summary Edit

In a safe house, MI-5 officers are questioning Ryan Baisley (Ewen Bremner) about Dewitts Bank, a corrupt financial institution whose depositors include corrupt government officials and other corrupt individuals (including money for the Basel conspirators). Baisley once worked at the bank. Baisley is outside the safe house grabbing a smoke when a team of assassins invades the house, killing the MI-5 officers there. Baisley, however, escapes. Baisley thinks he can make a deal with the bank but unknown to him, the assassins, who were hired by the bank, have already murdered his wife and young son. Ros is in pursuit of Baisley to bring him back to Thames House.

The Home Secretary, Nicholas Blake, informs Harry that the government is running out of money, and must seize accounts at Dewitts in order to make an interest payment, otherwise the economy is in jeopardy of collapsng. Lucas, posing as a Russian oligarch, pays a visit to Irvin Perrot (Richard Durdon), the bank's president. Using a ploy to get Perrot out of the room, Lucas plants a bug in Perrot's highly secure computer; the bug will give Tariq access to considerable information about the accounts in the bank. While Ros pursues Baisley, Ruth and Harry question her mental state after the loss of Jo. She finds Baisley at one address, and attempts to bring him in; however, two assassins interfere. In the cross-fire, Baisley escapes.

Ros seizes Perrot, and hangs on a noose to get him to disclose the location where the assassins, who are ex-intelligence agents and adept at surveillance, have learned where Baisley is headed. She finds the elusive man at Liverpool Street Station attempting to flee. Two assassins make another attempt on his life. Ros and paramilitary units from MI-5 protect him. As he is about to enter an MI-5 car, he learns from a radio broadcast that his wife and child were murdered. He is brought to a Q-and-A room at Thames House, where he reluctantly gives up the corrupt accounts. Meanwhile, in her apartment Lucas confronts Sarah about her involvement in Basel.

He looks out the window, and observes that one of the assassins is walking toward the apartment. He surprises the assassin and takes him prisoner for questioning at Thames House; Sarah, however, kills the assassin. Sarah disarms Lucas, makes him kneel, and holds a gun to his head. She tells him that she must kill him or be killed by the Nightingale organisation. Instead of killing him, she escapes before explaining anything. After money is transferred to the Treasury, Blake is forced to resign on account of set-up evidence that comes to light, evidence that identifies him as having $4 million in Dewitts, an amount not commensurate with his lifetime earnings. Tariq discovers that the money involved in Basel and deposited in Dewitts has disappeared to Pakistan.

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