Series 8, Episode 3
Series 08, Episode 03
Show Spooks
Air Date 13 November 2009
Previous Series 8, Episode 2
Next Series 8, Episode 4

Series 8, Episode 3 is the third episode of the eighth series of the BBC's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 13 November 2009 .

Summary Edit

Ros is undercover at a secret meeting of a Bilderberg Group-like set of businessmen, armed terrorists seize the meeting, which is taking place at Russian billionaire Leon Gevitsky's (Rod Culbertson) London mansion. Harry gets the Home Secretary to make Ruth's legal troubles go away, and has her rejoin MI-5. The terrorists take the hostages to an underground bunker to prevent MI-5 from releasing them. The terrorists put the businessmen on "trial" for their abuses of power, and stream the trials over the Internet.

They also release classified CIA documents showing embarrassing agreements between the businessmen and the U.S. government. Internet viewers who observe the first trial vote on the businessman's guilt. He is convicted. The leader of the terrorists executes the businessman, shooting him in the head. The Home Secretary is pressured by representatives of the CIA to end the siege or the U.S. (or the Russians or Chinese) will bomb the site of the siege to avoid additional damaging revelations. Harry does not want a siege because everyone held hostage will die, including Ros. The Home Secretary overrules Harry.

Tracing Internet connections and documents, Tariq and Ruth link the terrorists to a corrupt lawyer who works for Vadim Robinov (Owen McDonnell), a Russian billionaire who is a business rival of Leon Gevitsky; Gevitsky is one of the captured businessmen. Robinov is underwriting the anti-capitalist terror group for the purpose of advancing his business interests in Russia. Lucas visits Robinov's home, and forces Robinov to call the leader of the terror cell to end the siege but the leader rejects Robinov's plea. Ros, who has been working on Nina Gevitsky (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), a young, unstable member of the terror group and the niece of Leon, to reactivate the lift that the terror group had stopped. Harry orders Jo to attempt to stop the incident from going any further. She uses the lift to descend, unarmed, into the bunker, prepared to negotiate an end to the siege. The action gets out of control. She must hold the leader before he can detonate C4 while Ros, using the gun wrestled from the niece, can take a shot. However, because Jo is right behind the leader, the bullet passes through him, and into her, killing them both.

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