Series 8, Episode 1
Series 08, Episode 01
Show Spooks
Air Date 4 November 2009
Previous Nuclear Strike
Next Series 8, Episode 2

Series 8, Episode 1 is the first episode of the eighth series of the BBC's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 4 November 2009.

Summary Edit

Harry, who has been kidnapped by Viktor Sarkisiian and the (ex-)FSB agents who worked under him, is sold to a group of Indian intelligence officers disguised as a terror group, the Sacred Army of Righteous Vengeance. The terror group murders Sarkisiian and his men, then release fake footage of Harry's execution. Section D uncovers the deception and resolves to find Harry.

Group leader Amish Mani (Ace Bhatti), a former Indian intelligence officer, is keeping Harry alive in order to get him to divulge the location of a uranium shipment Harry stopped before the CIA and MI-6 planted it in Iraq to justify the war. The group also targets Ruth Evershed, who lives in Cyprus with her husband and stepson; she is the only other person besides Harry to know the location of the uranium. After returning to London, she and her family are kidnapped from an MI-5 safehouse by conspirators.

The conspirators murder Ruth's husband in order to get her to talk. Lucas and Ros track an MI-6 agent, Stephen Hillier, and the retiring CIA liaison officer, Libby McCall, who were part of the uranium planting scheme. Hillier is assassinated by McCall before Hillier can tell Ros the location of Harry. Lucas persuades Sarah Caulfield, McCall's successor at the London CIA station, to plant a tracker on McCall. The MI-5 team tracks McCall to the warehouse at which Mani is holding Harry and Ruth. Lucas kills the leader. Malcolm succeeds in saving Ruth's stepson. Harry returns to the Grid. Malcolm retires.

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