Series 10, Episode 3
Series 10, Episode 3
Show Spooks
Air Date 2nd October 2011
Previous Series 10, Episode 2
Next Series 10, Episode 4
Series 10, Episode 3 was the third episode of the final series of Spooks. Dimitri has to get close to the sister of a suspect after concerns are raised over a small but powerful amount of nuclear material found on a flight into the UK. Also, Calum investigates Tariq's death, Harry tries to find out who has been posing as him and the Home Secretary offers Ruth a job.

Summary Edit

Section D learns that known anarchist Johnny Grier (Mel Raido) is in London, and is believed to be making a dirty bomb after trace amounts of radioactive material was detected at Heathrow Airport. To get close to Grier, Dimitri Levendis (Max Brown) is assigned to honeytrap his sister, Natalie (Georgina Rich), via Internet dating.

Section D follows him to a cell, who plans to attack the Velanon Group, a financial company who made millions from a nuclear disaster. When Dimitri confronts him, Grier reveals he thought he was smuggling heroin to the country, and is unaware of the bomb plot. After he reluctantly agrees to help, the team find that Grier has double crossed them so that he could assassinate Velanon's CEO with radioactive powder; Dimitri fails to stop him, and the building is evacuated.

Meanwhile, Towers offers Ruth a promotion as his security advisor. Harry's suspicion into Coaver has been solidified, especially after Calum found what Tariq found before his death; one of the muggers was also present during Gavrik's assassination attempt, and is also a deniable CIA asset.

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