Series 10, Episode 2
Series 10, Episode 2
Show Spooks
Air Date 25th September 2011
Previous Series 10, Episode 1
Next Series 10, Episode 3

Series 10, Episode 2 was the second episode in the final series of Spooks. It saw a highly confedential suitcase being stolen from Calum, resulting in a race to retrive it before sensitive information regarding MI5 sources is made public.

Summary Edit

A laptop containing the identities of five high level assets is stolen when Calum Reed (Geoffrey Streatfeild) is attacked. Several attempts to find the thieves are unsuccessful as they are highly resourceful. The identity of the first asset is later leaked to the Internet and is found apparently murdered by his Iranian targets.

Furthermore another one of the assets is Martha Ford, who is working for one of Gavrik's companies. When her name is leaked next, Erin rescues her and brings her to a safe house. However under pressure from Gavrik, Harry orders Erin to break all ties with her. Meanwhile, after Harry meets with Elena to warn her of the imposter, he asks Ruth to look up CIA deputy director and Cold War colleague Jim Coaver (William Hope), believing he is the imposter.

After returning home Tariq Masood (Shazad Latif) discovers the identity of one of the muggers. However, he realises they are on to him, and tries to return to Thames House. He is then injected with poison en route, and dies as he arrives to meet Calum.