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Project Friendly Fire
Series 03, Episode 01
Spooks - Project Friendly Fire
Show Spooks
Air Date 11 October 2004
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Project Friendly Fire is the first episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 11 October 2004.

Summary Edit

Following Harry's shooting, Oliver Mace of the JIC, shuts down Section D, determined to find another traitor. Tom is working for himself undercover as a homeless person, and tracks down Herman Joyce. Tom kills Joyce and drops the body off at MI5, proving that Joyce did fake his death five years ago.

Mace, eager to advance his personal agenda of politicizing the intelligence services, still doesn't clear Tom. Harry recovers and hires Adam Carter from MI6 to help the team prove Tom's innocence. Using Joyce's phone they text Joyce's wife and lure her to London. Adam pays her a visit and is able to get her to confess on tape that she and her husband set Tom up. Tom is reinstated to MI5, while Christine Dale resigns from the CIA.