One Last Dance
Series 01, Episode 03
Show Spooks
Air Date 27 May 2002
Previous Looking After Our Own
Next Traitor's Gate

One Last Dance is the third episode of Spook's first series which was first broadcast on BBC one on the 27th of May 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Kurdish rebels raid a Turkish consulate while Zoe's inside, and demand the release of their captured paramilitaries. While Tom and Danny Hunter find a way to take back the building, Tessa Phillips sees Johnny Marks, an MI5 agent, and lover who was thought to have died years ago. The Consulate raid was revealed to be a cover up for him to break into a nearby bank to obtain the identities of every MI5 and MI6 agent. Tom is shot and wounded while armed Police stop the raid. In the end, Marks sees Tessa, and after learning she was pregnant with his child, decides not to give away the agents' locations.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Tessa being followed by Johnny Marks (Christopher Fulford), a former asset and lover of Tessa who was thought to have been killed in a car bomb in Northern Ireland. Marks then visits his group, who are running Kurdish rebels. Zoe goes to the Turkish Consulate on a routine bugging operation, by posing as a date for a Turkish travel agent. During the operation, Marks's men and the rebels seize the consulate; Zoe is able to warn Section D of the threat, and the team are called in, including Tom, who is to celebrate his birthday with Ellie. The rebels strap the Turkish Consul with explosives on a balcony, and demand the release of their imprisoned paramilitaries from the Turkish government in exchange for the hostages.

While Tom plays negotiator, Tessa recognises Marks from CCTV and comes forward to Harry. There, he learns that Marks once followed Harry to a secret bank containing the identities of every MI5 and MI6 officer, and is using the consulate raid as a distraction to break into the bank. Furthermore, Tara Welks, the daughter of bank owner Roger Welks (Jeremy Bulloch), is kidnapped. While Malcolm and Colin create a fake news report detailing the release of the paramilitaries to the rebels, the Consul gets an asthma attack. The rebel leader, Leyla Bakhuri (Katie Jones) agrees to release Zoe in exchange for an inhaler. During the exchange, a team led by Danny break into the vault and engage in a firefight with Marks's men; the gunfire alerts the rebel, who shoots Tom in the abdomen, wounding him, before the rebel is killed by a sniper. Tara is found, but Marks disappears. In the meantime, armed Police enter the Consulate and arrest the rebels.

Marks reappears in Tessa's house, and learns that during their time together, Tessa became pregnant with his child, until the baby died from a miscarriage. They then receive a phone call from Harry, who asks Marks to meet with him at the street below; Marks, who claims to have never broken his word, promises not to release the identities if MI5 don't stop him. Before leaving, it is revealed that it was his brother who died in the car bomb. At the end of the episode, Tessa finds that Marks has left the disc with the identities behind.