On the Brink
Series 07, Episode 05
Show Spooks
Air Date 10 November 2008
Previous A Chance for Peace
Next Accidental Discovery

On the Brink is the fifth episode the BBC's spy television series, Spooks, which was first broadcast on 10 November 2008.

Summary Edit

Ros goes undercover to stop Alexis Meynell (Paul Rhys), who is trying to bankrupt the United Kingdom. He starts by ruining rival bank Highland Life. As the case unfolds the chairman of Highland Life commits suicide after it is revealed the bank owes £65 billion pounds to Salma, a Russian bank with Russian mafia connections.

Meynell's right hand man, Asa Darlek (Stephen Noonan) wants the £65 billion paid back, or he will release a statement letting the country know the full extent of its debts. Ros presents a third option; have Chancellor of the Exchequer Gillian Calderwood (Selina Cadell) announce the governments intention to back Highland Life, while Ros convinces Meynell to continue betting against the bank. The plan works and Meynell is ruined.

Meanwhile, Ros proves to Jo that Boscard is dead. Harry has a team search Connie's home for evidence linking her as the mole, but later finds a tape from Hugo Prince who tells Harry that she is not the leak. Harry asks Lucas to remember what happened when he was questioned on Sugarhorse; Lucas recalls the word "Pilgrim," who is later revealed to be Qualtrough's codename.

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