The Rt Hon Nicholas Blake MP
Nicholas Blake
Show Spooks
First seen Gas and Oil (Part 1)
Last seen Series 9, Episode 1
Job Former Home Secretary
Status Deceased (Poisoned)
Portrayer Robert Glenister

The Rt Hon Nicholas Blake MP, was the Home Secretary for the Labour Party within the Spooks series from the start of series 5 in the Opening episode Gas and Oil (Part 1) in which he was nearly killed by a car bomb but fortunately survived because of a warning from Ros Myers.

He was forced to resign from his position as Home Secretary in Series 8 Episode 6 when he fell victim to a political scandal which proved he was involved in dealing with the London Mafia, and the scandal quickly turned into a media frenzy. However, it turned out later that the entire scandal was a ruse made up by the Nightingale Group of which he was part. Unfortunately, for him, his connections with the criminal organisation would come back to haunt him when was poisoned by Sir Harry Pearce in his home in Scotland in revenge for his part in the Nightingale Group which resulted in the untimely deaths of Ros Myers and his successor Andrew Lawrence.

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