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Nest of Angels
Series 02, Episode 02
Show Spooks
Air Date 9 June 2003
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Nest of Angels is the second episode of Spooks's second series which aired first time on the ninth of June 2003.

Synopsis Edit

Mohammed Rachid, an Afghan mullah of a Birmingham mosque, is believed to be cultivating a group of young suicide bombers. The last man MI5 planted is tortured and thrown out. Meanwhile, Algerian agent Muhammed Ibhn Khaldun (guest star Alexander Siddig) smuggles himself into the UK and offers to help MI5 infiltrate the cell.

This action attracts attention of the CIA, who also wish to use Khaldun. Eventually, they find explosives hidden in the mosque. However, a 16 year-old boy is about to set off a suicide bomb nearby; the boy blows himself up, but Khaldun sacrifices himself to prevent any nearby casualties.