List of Operation is a page detailing all known operations (or OPs) in Spooks which have been run by, or against, Harry's team of Section D agents of MI5.

Operation Sugar Horse Edit

Operation Sugar Horse was a top secret operation created in the 1980s by the security services of the United Kingdom to be used against the Soviet Union. The plan seems to involve Harry Pearce of MI5 even though the operation is external to the UK.

The plan was to recruit people with pro western views within the Soviet unions government as sleeper agents to be used against the government. These people would later rise to high positions of power before being activated.

Operation Tiresias Edit

Operation Tiresias, in the world of spooks, was a Russian operation with the mission to launch a nuclear assault on London using portable nuclear devices.

Operation Waterfall Edit

Operation Waterfall was an operation with the primary goal to infiltrate Al-Qaeda cells, to build networks of informers. The operation originated in MI5.

Operation Fly-Trap Edit

Operation Fly-Trap was a MI5 mission to get a group of London based terrorists to come out in the open.

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