Legitimate Targets
Series 02, Episode 01
Show Spooks
Air Date 2 June 2003
Previous The Lesser of Two Evils
Next Nest of Angels

Legitimate Targets is the first episode of Spooks's second series which ran for ten episodes.

Synoptic Edit

The bomb in Tom's house fails to detonate, but another bomb goes off killing the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Patrick McCann wishes to defect, but is killed by the time MI5 get to him. Soon, a top secret military base near Longcross is also bombed.

They soon find out it was the work of Serbian general Gradic, who stole some munitions from Longcross. Zoe goes undercover to befriend a Serbian intelligence agent, who is Gradic's sympathiser and nephew, and uncover the next target. Malcolm Wynn-Jones decodes the next target; the COBRA meeting Harry is attending. Fortunately, they are able to stop the attack and arrest Gradic. By the end of the episode, Ellie leaves Tom.