Kylie Roman
Kylie Roman
Show Spooks: Code 9
First seen Code 9: Episode 1
Last seen Code 9: Episode 6
Job Spy, MI5
Status Alive
Portrayer Georgia Moffett

Kylie Roman is a former Psychology student now working for MI5.

Series Edit

Reckless, fun, vulnerable, lonely, worldly-wise and pin-sharp, Kylie can outwit anyone. And she loves to show that off. Her knowledge of psychology has given her a piercing insight into people's defence mechanisms - she has an uncanny ability to see right through to the core of you. Her brutal honesty - about individuals and humanity - is unnerving. But she's also a great, fearless, party girl. Some say Kylie's brave. Others think she's just crazy.

Kylie brings some attitude to the team and is a bit of a loose cannon, but given what she's been through it's hardly surprising, explains Georgia: "When the bomb went off Kylie was close enough to witness the devastation. However, by being so close to the bomb she got radiation sickness, so she has a real sense that any day could be her last; she likes the idea of going out in a blaze of glory."

It's the need to make every second count that motivated Kylie to join MI5 in the first place: "Before the bomb she couldn't decide what she wanted to do in life," says Georgia. "In joining MI5 she finally found her calling and reason to live - to protect her country."