Juliet Shaw
Spooks Juliet Shaw
Show Spooks
First seen The Special (1)
Last seen Infiltration
Job Head of Yalta;
former National Security Coordinator
Status Alive, on the run
Portrayer Anna Chancellor

Juliet Shaw is a fictional character in the Spooks, portrayed by British actress Anna Chancellor. She rose fast as a spy, achieving the position of National Security Coordinator, at the Cabinet Office. She worked with Harry Pearce on a number of operations during the 1970s, among them Operation Omega.

Harry Pearce describes her as ruthless, right-wing, and crazy, who'll stop at nothing to protect Britain. She is driven and single-minded, with a take-no-prisoners attitude, which some find highly attractive. She cares little for the impact of her words, and will often talk bluntly rather than in a roundabout way.

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