Jez Cook
Jez Cook
Show Spooks: Code 9
First seen Episode 1
Last seen Episode 6
Job Spy, MI5
Status Alive
Portrayer Heshima Thompson

Jez Cook, currently aged 23, is a former criminal who now works for James Dicker.

Series Edit

Jez's reasons for joining James Dicker are a lot more personal than some of the other members of the team: "The fact he's lost his whole family has a massive effect on him," says Heshima. "He loved his family and he feels guilt over not being there for them when the bomb went off. Jez really doesn't want to admit to himself they're dead; he still lives in the hope that they're alive."

Jez also differs from the other members of the team as he used to be on the other side of the law: "Jez's criminal past gives him a real advantage in the team," explains the actor and musician who is also one of Amy Winehouse's backing vocalists. "He understands how the criminal mind works. Jez also understands how to intimidate people when necessary; he understands when to stay quiet and when to go into action."