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Series 06, Episode 08
Show Spooks
Air Date 27 November 2007
Previous "The Broadcast"
Next "Isolated"

Infiltration is the eighth episode of the Sixth series of the BBc's television series Spooks, which was first broadcast on 27 November 2007.

Summary Edit

After learning of Yalta during the hostage-taking in the previous episode, Bob Hogan assassinates several members. Hostilities between Iran and American are escalating in the Gulf. Kaplan is watching Magritte and follows her to a meeting with Ros, who is asked to obtain codes in order to initiate an attack against the Americans. Realising that Kaplan has video of the meeting and that she's has been exposed as a mole, Ros asks to be pulled, but Yalta insists that she carry out her assignment.

In a last-ditch effort to save herself and to avert a war in the Gulf, Ros shows up at Thames House and claims that she infiltrated Yalta in order to use them as an intelligence asset. Harry and Adam do not trust her, but decide to use her, so they can take down Yalta and prevent the attack on the Americans. They follow Ros to a rendezvous with Yalta, where they learn that Juliet Shaw is the mastermind behind Yalta and the code is to launch a computer attack on the US satellite network.

Malcolm is able to end the attack, but there has been enough damage that the Americans cannot go ahead with missile launches against the Iranians. However, in the process, Juliet gives Ros a lethal injection. Fortunately, Adam was able to switch the injection with a paralysing agent beforehand, faking her death. During her funeral, Adam revives Ros and gives her a new identity to hide from Hogan.

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