Elena Gavrik
E gavrik
Show Spooks
First seen Series 10, Episode 1
Last seen Series 10, Episode 6
Job Cold War Asset
Status Deceased (Strangled)
Portrayer Alice Krige

Elena Gavrik is the wife of Russian State Minister Ilya Gavrik. She was also Harry Pearce's asset during the Cold War. In order to turn her, Harry seduced her and they became lovers.

She leads Harry to believe that he is the father of her son, Sasha Gavrik but in the final episode it is revealed that she lied. During the time Harry ran her in the 1980s, she was already working for the KGB, and in fact recruited Harry without him knowing it by making him fall in love with her, and by falsely claiming that Sasha was his son.

She is working against the Russian-British partnership agreement by planning attacks that will send the two countries to war with each other. When Ilya finds out he confronts his wife, strangling her to death.

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