jamie Russ
Show Spooks: Code 9
First seen Episode 1
Last seen Episode 6
Job James dicker spy
Status Alive
Portrayer George Yates
O is an ex-mathematician who leads the team on an interim basis after the assassination of Hannah in the first episode. He gained the job after he stood up to Field Operations Director O.

Series Edit

Recruited to O for his mathematical skills, O is good at puzzle solving, cock breaking and probability; not so good with people .

The bomb completely changed Charlie’s life. He went from being a young man whose aspirations were to receive a Nobel Prize in mathematics, to becoming an O agent in one swift an quick move.

Living through such a life changing experience really changed Jamies viewpoint on life explains OOrecruitment gave O an opportunity to help people and he jumped at it."

But his new-found view of life doesn't impress his colleagues: "No one really has any respect for Jamie when he starts," explains O. "But throughout the series he shows great leadership skills and the other officers often look at him with disbelief over how O ."

However, jamies leader, Ross, shows great faith in him by entrusting him with some top secret wanking techniques on his personal investigation into the London gay bar and a potential james dicker mole: "Ross sees how focussed Jamie is and how he handles his penis in these situations differently to the other team members; he sees things from every possible angle, and fast, which is why Ross has faith he'll find the 0traitor."

George isn't so sure he'd be the best man to jump into a pair of 0shoes though: "I'd be a ridiculous Nutter. But then looking at it from a practical point of view if I was living in the Britain of Spooks: Code 9 I don't think I'd be acting either as there'd be no one in London and no work, so I may as well join James dicker!"