Series 03, Episode 08
Spooks - Celebrity
Show Spooks
Air Date 29 November 2004
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Celebrity is the eighth episode of spook's third series which aired for the first time on 29 November 2004.

Summary Edit

MI5 investigate the kidnapping of the son of Riff (guest star Andy Serkis), a knighted pop star. After the kidnappers eventually make contact, MI5 plants the money with tracking devices, but are disabled after the kidnappers put them under magnets in a scrapyard.

Furthermore, the boy is found dead outside Riff's house. Fiona is transferred to Section D to go undercover, though Adam grows concerned after she uses cocaine. Eventually, it is learned that Riff's wife set up the kidnapping. Learning this, Riff kills his wife, then commits suicide. Meanwhile, a politician is forced to consider resignation over a missing girl with whom he was having an affair.


  • Riff and his wife are clearly based on real-life rockers, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.