Accidental Discovery
Series 07, Episode 06
Show Spooks
Air Date 17 November 2008
Previous On the Brink
Next The Mole

Accidental Discovery is the sixth episode the BBC's spy television series, Spooks, which was first broadcast on 17 November 2008 .

Summary Edit

Lucas has to protect Dean Mitchell (Jacob Anderson), a teenager in possession of a prototypical weapon that is capable of shutting down all electrical systems in a vehicle. Dean admits he witnessed somebody using the gun to assassinate a paparazzo and then stole it and a backpack.

Furthermore, the team that are after Dean are MI6 lead by Michael Sands (Richard Clothier). The paparazzo unknowingly took pictures of a meeting between Sands and UN diplomat Claude Denizet (Stephen Greif), where Denizet was threatened to resign from peace talks between Israel and Gaza. To protect Dean and his mother, Lucas sends them to Spain; Dean refuses to leave, and is assassinated by Sands as a consequence.

Meanwhile, Harry reveals to Lucas and Ros the nature of Sugarhorse; he recruited several pro-Western Russians in the final years of the Cold War to infiltrate its government. Harry meets with "Asset K" (JJ Hooker) during the peace talks about the identity of the mole, only to discover somebody is setting him up as the leak.

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