A Chance for Peace
Series 07, Episode 04
Show Spooks
Air Date 3 November 2008
Previous The Tip-Off
Next On the Brink

A Chance for Peace is the fourth episode the BBC's spy television series, Spooks, which was first broadcast on 3 November 2008 .

Summary Edit

Section D are stunned to learn that Mohammed Khordad (Paul Bhattacharjee), Al-Qaeda's number three, wants to talk with MI5, with intelligence on a planned attack in London in exchange that two Guantanamo Bay prisoners be released and have Home Secretary Nicholas Blake (Robert Glenister) announce this on live television.

When this is carried out however, Kordad is arrested by a CIA team, much to Harry's frustration. After getting him released, Kordad discloses the location; a restaurant. However Lucas learns from Elizabeta that the FSB is involved and has moved up the detonation time by ten minutes; if Lucas informs Harry and stops it earlier, the FSB will realise Lucas is not a double agent and will kill him. As a third option, Lucas disarms the bomb and plants a fake one to fool them.

Before leaving, Khordad hands Harry intel on a new weapon being developed in Iran. After the meeting, Khordad's plane was shot down by the Americans over the Ural Mountains. Meanwhile, Qualtrough learns that Connie James (Gemma Jones) may be the leak after finding she had an affair with the late Hugo Prince, one of the people who know about Sugarhorse. Jo believes Boscard is still alive after seeing hallucinations of him.

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